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Powered by Apache APISIX®

Manage all your APIs in any cloud

API7 Cloud is a centralized platform to connect your APIs in any cloud.

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  • Any-Cloud, Multi-Cloud

  • Privacy and Security Compliance

  • Fully Managed Control Plane and Observability Plane

  • Effortless Integration

  • Pay as You Go

Why API7 Cloud?

API7 Cloud is an any-cloud, multi-location SaaS ​platform for deploying, controlling, visualizing and monitoring APIs at scale. Manage and run your APIs anywhere in one place, to increase your runtime effortlessly without worrying about the control plane.

Any-Cloud, Multi-Cloud

Quickly and easily deploy your runtimes into any cloud and deliver multi-cloud or hybrid environments.

Privacy and Security Compliance

Strict data protection mechanism to prevent data leaks.

Pay as You Go

Choose the appropriate plan on demand.


Keep abreast of the running status of your Apache APISIX cluster.

Effortless Integration

Connect to your Apache APISIX runtime from any cloud in minutes.

API Management

Easily configure the Gateway.

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